A Little Zip

What a difference a night of rest can make. I am still dragging, but the energy was a little improved this morning, and my outlook much more hopeful. My daily commute greeted me with a beautiful, not-too-cool, not-too-hot, fall morning, and a memorable fiery-orange sunrise that you can actually look at with out squinting. I found an upbeat song on one of our city’s many Christian radio stations, and I was tapping along with the beat, thinking to myself that today is much better than yesterday. Not to say that I’m ready to run a marathon. I feel drained. But it’s a peaceful drained. Not the “my shoes are slip-on cinder blocks” drained that I’ve been slugging through.

I’m still on the Ketogenic diet. Which is simply a diet of meat, cheese, and rabbit food. I think  it’s helping. So far it’s not made me invincible, but for two weeks I have had no strange burning sensations or numbness in my legs. Is it the diet? I hope so. My doctor thinks I have relapsing remitting MS, which means I can have short periods of time where my symptoms really flare up, and then they leave for a while. Still, I’ve  had the burning sensations since early summer, and they have stopped about two weeks after changing my diet.

The diet is going well, but I must start cooking again this weekend. Sometimes I’m lazy and just eat summer sausage and a block of cheese for dinner. A man’s got to have more vitamins than that, and that’s why I am thankful that I found this:


This is not an ad. I’m not getting paid anything. But man are these awesome. It’s a “Healthy Energy Mix”, with very little caffeine, 0 sugars, and lots of vitamins. The younger guys at my office drink it in place of coffee, and they convinced me to try it about 4 years ago. At first I was skeptical. I don’t like energy drinks because after they lift your energy levels, they later bring you crashing back down. That doesn’t seem healthy. At my buddies urging, I tried one anyway. I poured the powdered mix into a bottle of water, shook it up, and drank. 15 short minutes later I was soaring. My focus was sharp, my body felt energized, and I worked through the rest of the day with ease.

This was before I knew I had MS. Everyday at about 3 PM I would lean back in my chair, question if I could make it to 5, and wonder why I always felt like I had the flu. I thought maybe old age was catching up to me in my mid twenties, or this was the normal experience of people who worked desk jobs. I tried hitting the gym more. In my teen years, increasing my exercise always meant more energy. Something was different now…

I don’t drink these everyday, but on days where I am tempted to crawl under my desk with a nice pillow, I will pop one out. Today was such a day. I drank one right after lunch, and I am still experiencing the benefits at 8 PM. I’ve never known them to make me jittery, and they’ve never brought my energy crashing down. Their website recommends diluting it into a 20 oz water bottle, but I like to make mine last longer, so I mix it in a much bigger glass of water. Last week the nice folks that provide my Copaxone shots sent me  a lot of free stuff, including this water bottle:


Doesn’t that color just go great with the orange flavored ZipFizz? I’m guessing that’s a 30 oz water bottle. I also prefer the taste if it’s a little more diluted. At first, the orange flavor kind of reminded me of a Flintstones vitamin. Not exactly delicious, but it only “kind of” tastes that way. There are other flavors, such as grape, fruit punch, and pink lemonade.  If you struggle with MS fatigue, I recommend trying these. The Mayo clinic says the average adult can have up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, and these capsules have 100 mg. Their website says you can consume up to 3 a day, but i usually find one is enough. A box of 20 capsules is available at Sam’s for $20, or on their website for $40. For those interested, here are the nutritional facts.


More updates on the result of the diet soon!

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