Jesus over MS


I’m over MS. Not healed of MS. But ready to be healed of MS. I am very fortunate to only really deal with fatigue. MS hasn’t affected my motor skills. I’ve never fallen. I’ve had some blurred vision, but the biggest problem is very frequent, strong, fatigue. It’s like having the flu…for 2 years straight.  But MS is NOT the most memorable thing that has ever happened to me, being filled with Holy Ghost is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! I originally titled this blog “Over MS”, but I didn’t like it. I don’t want my whole life to just be focused on this illness. At a young age I knew I wanted my life to be lived for Him, and to help as many people get to Him as I can. Along the way, I’ve been hit with this chronic condition, but I will not spend my days being defined by it. Everyone has something they are carrying, and I’m not letting this stop me from living for Him. I’ll take Jesus over MS. I am believing God for a total healing, but of course, I am seeking out whatever remedies might help me along the way.


A doctor placed me on a medication named Copaxone last year. It’s a shot that I take three times a week. I stopped taking it last spring, and have been ignoring protests from loved ones to start-up again. That is, until I recently developed a new symptom where my legs burn. It doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s strong enough to keep me awake some nights. And if I do anything really physical, it really comes to life. That prompted me to schedule a visit with my doctor, and order more shots. I take my first injection tonight, but I have already seen improvement…

Three weeks ago, I started a low carb diet, and have practically eaten 0 sugar since starting. I have heard from others that low carb diets, in particular, the Ketogenic diet, is very effective for MS patients. I’m hoping that the results I’ve seen are a result of the diet. I took my youth group on a 16-mile bike ride last weekend and I noticed something. I was sore, and tired, but sitting at the dinner table that night, I realized my legs weren’t burning. I thank God for giving me strength to continue working in our youth group! I had three days of late nights and long church services with them, and I was shocked that my energy wasn’t completely depleted. I haven’t been completely unaffected; the past two days I have spent some time in recovery, but I am believing that I have had more energy in the past two weeks than I have had in a long time.

The question is, how much of the diet is a factor? I’m going to find out, and I’ll be using this blog to track my progress.

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